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General terms & conditions of transportation:
- Only animals with a valid EU pet passport will be transported
- the animal must have been microchipped BEFORE the rabies vaccination, or on the same day
- the rabies vaccination must be at least 21 days old when entering another EU country from one EU country
- The following pages/lines must be taped: microchip number, date of rabies, date of medical examination
- all necessary, legally required data must be entered
- the animal must be free of internal and external parasites (ticks, fleas, mites, worms, giardia, etc.)
- No newly operated animals are transported, operations/castrations not younger than 10- 14 days (wound must be closed and must not be infected!)
- Transport of puppies only after they have been vaccinated against rabies (i.e. at the age of 3 months and 21 days) and are in an absolutely perfect state of health;
- Every dog/cat accepted is identified again by the transporter when loading using a chip reader
- Liability for the dog(s)/cat(s) remains with the client/consignor during loading, as well as during transport and acceptance at the destination, unless Pawsitive Life Transports can be proven to have acted with intent or gross negligence- So-called "list dogs" must be discussed in advance and will not be transported to Germany. Transports to Austria, Switzerland or Holland are possible.
- the animal should not be fed on the evening before the trip
- the senders/recipients with a connection to TRACES must register their animals themselves with the official veterinarian responsible for them (for senders: not only online, but also with confirmation from the official veterinarian); The sender/recipient is responsible for errors in registering the traces and the transport does not take place as a result - the transport amount is therefore non-refundable
- if the client/sender/association/customer, etc., fails to meet booked dates (oral or in writing), the full invoice amount/transport fee is due, unless other agreements are made in writing, in which Pawsitive Life Transports AMKE also approves and confirmed in writing

- the contract is also deemed to be concluded if the traceability of an appointment is available via e-mail, telephone, internet (social media), at the latest upon receipt of the invoice from Pawsitive Life Transports AMKE
- the customer's transport list, which is required in advance, also counts as recognition of our general terms and conditions
- Cancellations must be communicated in writing by the client no later than 4 days before the transport date. For cancellations up to this date, 50 percent of the invoice amount will be refunded, provided this was received beforehand.
For cancellations from the 3rd day there will be no refund.
- if the carrier is unable to meet the delivery date due to force majeure (including political unrest, epidemics/pandemics, epidemics of all kinds, damage to the transport vehicles, theft of the vehicle, unexpected bad weather, official orders, lack of transport permits), he may offer an alternative date within 8 weeks. If Pawsitive Life Transports does not comply with this, the invoice amount can be reimbursed upon written request from the customer/consignor (except for epidemics/pandemics, epidemics of all kinds)
- In the event of control procedures by the authorities, in the event of epidemics and pandemics, regardless of whether the suspicion is confirmed, the sender shall bear all necessary and incurred costs that are related to this, including for the whereabouts of the animals and their removal
- If there is a need for a feasible emergency transport (due to your own breakdown or accident), the client/consignor will bear the costs incurred for the "transport". In the other case, the animals remain in the car (only in the event of a breakdown), or the client/consignor will assume the costs and this will be verifiably confirmed before the animals are "transported away".
- In the event of an emergency transport, Pawsitive Life Transports  contributes up to an amount of 1,000 euros (only for collective transport), in the form of a settlement credit for subsequent transports. The prerequisite is that the client/consignor provides proof of the additional costs
- A transfer of full liability or assumption of costs for emergency transports to Pawsitive Life Transports is not possible, as it is not insurable (the risk remains with the client). The calculation of the travel price per dog is based on the normal course of a tour, measured without breakdowns or accidents
- if an animal cannot travel due to proven illness, accident or even death, this animal (place) will be taken along free of charge on the next transport, or it can be replaced by another of the same size; a refund is not possible
- the invoice amount is due no later than the transport date, otherwise the transport cannot be guaranteed
- In general, only healthy animals can travel, which can be expected to travel about 36 hours due to their physical and health condition - the sender assumes liability for this

- Should the carrier or one of his co-pilots be bitten, it is at occupational risk
- If the transport is officially determined on suspicion or violation of the Animal Diseases Act and it is not possible to continue the journey, the customer/consignor shall bear all costs incurred, such as police operations, arranged transport to quarantine, whereabouts of the animals, veterinarian, and everything related any additional costs incurred by the carrier for this tour
- if a dog dies during transport - and the entire transport is consequently quarantined by the authorities - the sender is liable, unless negligent behavior can be proven on the part of the transporter

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