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Pet transport throughout Europe 

Animals are living hearts ❤️

Because animals are important for us, we would like to offer you the opportunity to transport your pets to their destination in a responsible and animal-friendly manner!

It is very important for us to act in the interests of the pet and not to transport dogs and cats in any way, but animal-friendly! That is why we carry out our pet transports in accordance with the Animal Welfare Transport Ordinance in our specially purchased and pet-friendly transporters. Your pets travel comfortably in bright, spacious, temperature-controlled boxes and as little additional stress as possible.

We are registered as pet transport in the Prefcture of Larissa for European destinations and also for transporting pets from outside the European Community inside EU. Our van is registered as long distance pet transport in the European Veterinarian System called „Traces“. For all questions or bookings, please contact us with mail or by phone!


Pawsitive Life Transports Team


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